Appendix 2

Caricature Discussion with T. Hee

February 23, 1979 (edited), © 1979, 2006 by Nancy Beiman

T. Hee was a noted caricaturist at the MGM, Warner Brothers, and Walt Disney Studios. T. worked in story and character design on films such as MOTHER GOOSE GOES HOLLYWOOD, THE RELUCTANT DRAGON, and NOAH'S ARK, and was sequence director on “The Dance of the Hours” sequence of FANTASIA and PINOCCHIO's sequences with the Fox and Cat. He created storyboards for UPA cartoons including MR. FUDGET'S BUDGET, THE OOMPAHS, and GERALD McBOING BOING on PLANET MOO. The interview was recorded at the California Institute of the Arts when I was a student in T. Hee's caricature class. We never learned his real name.

T. Hee at the T. Hee ranch, 1982. Photo ...

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