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Tim Costello and Lori BlackshearPrepare Your Data for Tableauhttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5497-4_3

3. Connecting to Data

Tim Costello and Lori Blackshear2
Euless, TX, USA
Fort Worth, TX, USA
Tableau offers a lot of ways to connect to data, and I do mean a LOT. One of the challenges in writing this book is that nearly every month Tableau releases connections to new data sources. Today I count 6 file-based data connections and 36 server-based data sources! In addition to these built-in connections, you can connect to a wide variety of data sources not yet currently supported with native connections via an ODBC or a JDBC connection. With all these options, you should be able to connect to almost any ...

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