This book is ultimately the story of an antinuclear movement of physicians. At the outset I acknowledge the fact that we could not have succeeded without the support, participation, and unstinting commitment of numerous doctors from around the globe. My admiration is boundless for the inner circle of early pioneers who worked arduously and without material reward to give IPPNW a secure foundation, including Drs. James Muller, Eric Chivian, Herbert Abrams, John Pastore, Lachlan Forrow, and David Greer. From the Soviet Union, the ones who played a key role were Drs. Eugene Chazov, Michael Kuzin, Leonid Ilyin, Nikolai Bochkov, Marat Vartanyan, Nikolai Trapeznikov, and Sergei Kolesnikov.

While IPPNW was an organization of physicians, ...

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