Chapter 8. Organizational Outreach and Communication

MUCH OF THE ADVICE about presentation design and delivery in this book is aimed at established, for-profit companies. But there are other types of organizations that can use presentations to achieve their business, outreach, and communication goals. What’s more, these different organizational types face challenges unique to them. This chapter will examine those specific needs.

First, startups have many of the same challenges as established companies, but they have a few additional challenges that warrant special attention. In many cases, the startup founders are looking for investors; this means they need to be ready at any given moment to deliver a pitch presentation. Furthermore, pitch presentations face a high-stakes rigor unlike other presentations. We’ll delve into those requirements in this chapter, to help entrepreneurs deliver winning presentations.

Second, nonprofits need to craft their message to present to each type of stakeholder (supporters, donors, foundations, partners, volunteers), all the while fulfilling their mission.

Third, journalists must address their careers as an independent freelancer might. Successful journalists have discovered the power and importance of building a following using social media.

Finally, government agencies are tasked with making sure they reach the greatest number of constituents possible, especially when asking for public input. They also want to make sure that citizens are aware of the ...

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