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Presentation Zen: The Video

Video Description

Best-selling author and authority on presentation design and delivery Garr Reynolds invites you to create provocative presentations with solid designs and Zen simplicity. In this personal, one-on-one video, Garr expands on his ideas from his popular book, Presentation Zen,and blog, presentationzen.com, and challenges you to go beyond the conventional slide presentation  style and think more creatively to achieve simpler, more effective presentations.

Within an hour viewers will learn to:

  • plan and prepare your presentations, and craft their story with storyboarding techniques

  • utilize design principles that show viewers to communicate communicate messages more effectively and emotionally

  • deliver their presentations by successfully connecting with their audience.

  • This is a streaming video.  After making your purchase online, you can log into your Peachpit account page to view Presentation Zenanytime, anywhere with Internet access. Run time: 50 minutes.

    Table of Contents

    1. The Introduction 00:06:27
    2. The Preparation Stage 00:12:41
    3. The Design Stage 00:18:36
    4. The Delivery Stage 00:11:55