Chapter 6

Tapping the Power of the Mind/Body Connection

In This Chapter

arrow Linking the mind, emotions, stress, and the heart

arrow Connecting with others for cardiac health

arrow Controlling stress and anger for a healthier heart

arrow Selecting helpful mind/body techniques

The mind, the emotions, and the heart long have been linked in the human imagination. Since prehistoric times, people have identified the heart as the seat of love and other emotions.

  • You give your heart to the ones you love.
  • When your heart breaks, you suffer heartache, which the dictionary defines as “anguish of mind.”
  • Like medieval knights swearing allegiance to their king, people still place hands over their physical hearts to pledge loyalty to their nations.
  • A close call “makes your heart stop” and “scares you to death.”
  • If you fight bravely to the end in any cause, you “never lose heart,” but if you give up easily, you’re “fainthearted.”
  • Anger makes your “blood boil,” but a positive, cheerful outlook makes you “lighthearted.”

Humankind’s prehistoric ancestors undoubtedly used the same telling expressions linking the mind ...

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