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Preventive Photoshop: Take the Best Digital Photographs Now for Better Images Later

Book Description

How many times have you said, “I’ll just fix it in Photoshop”? And then you discover that “fixing” an image means hours in front of your computer. Wouldn’t it be better — and easier — to take the time to shoot your digital photographs correctly in the first place and minimize the back-breaking hours hunched over a keyboard? Preventive Photoshop shows you how to shave hours off your computer time by learning essential photographic techniques that, when coupled with Adobe Photoshop, let you create professional-quality images. According to author Douglas Ford Rea, the key is knowing which problems are more easily solved before the shutter is clicked rather than after the files are downloaded. By understanding image fundamentals like lighting, white balance, and color correction, you’ll begin to “think in Photoshop.” You’ll learn:

  • How to eliminate image noise for sharp-looking images

  • Why shooting camera raw yields the best image results

  • How to color manage your camera and your computer

  • Why in-camera sharpening must be turned off

  • How to read histograms and highlight warnings

  • Why previewing images on your camera LCD is misleading

  • How to create a camera-to-computer feedback loop