Chapter 2. Preparing for Your First Prezi

Creating your first prezi is an exciting experience. You'll feel the freedom that breaking out of a slide motif can offer. Some people may also feel nervous about the lack of boundaries. This is expected. With any new experience, people try to find the edges and sneak back to the center where it's comfortable.

Prezi makes it easy to explore without much risk. You can do everything you normally do to create a presentation and a whole lot you haven't tried before. That's where the fun comes in.

In this chapter, I introduce you to some of the best ways to plan your first prezi. The tips and shortcuts you find here make it a fun experience from the beginning. Dive right in and explore!

Gathering Your Ideas in Analog

Many people have trained themselves to turn to a computer whenever a knowledge job needs doing. Users know from experience that typing into a computer makes everything legible and easy to revise. It's really a joy when you can move an entire paragraph of text with the click of a mouse. But what about brainstorming and storyboarding? Might a pencil and paper be more effective when you need to craft a full-blown presentation from scratch?

There's some debate around this question. Some people find that they can't contemplate letting go of their keyboards even for a ...

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