included in marketing messages/materials. You know the drill. Put your-
self in the shoes of someone who helps people establish their personal
financial goals—that first home, kids’ college, retirement, their legacy—
and then fill in the blanks.
Investment Advisory Example
Its time to change hats again. You’re an investment adviser who has all
the same tools as your competitors—insurance programs, stocks, bonds,
mutual funds, professional money managers. Your customers’ goals are
also very similar—home ownership, college education for their kids, a
comfortable retirement, and a financial legacy. Your challenge is to dis-
tinguish yourself from your competitors. Bundling seems to offer some
promise but, in order to use it effectively, you need to be able to answer
the following questions.
1. What are some of the challenges these buyers face?
2. Can bundling help them overcome these challenges?
3. What could I bundle together to make life easier for my
4. What benefits would they gain from these bundles?
5.What benefits would I gain from these bundles?
126 Pricing for Profit
6. What script(s) would I use to communicate these benefits to
my customer?
Ready? By the way, if the list of challenges didn’t dissuade you from
wanting to be an investment adviser, consider yourself stout of heart. If
I were that brave, here’s what I would expect to see and do.
1. What are some of the challenges these buyers face?
They dont like to face their mortality.
They dont have much, if any, background in how to evaluate
various insurance and investment products, so theyre left
trusting someone else to advice them—not a very comfort-
able position for any of us to be in.
There are a lot more fun things to do.
They havent done a very good job of keeping their financial
records so locating those records will be time consuming. Oh,
did I mention that it isnt much fun?
They despise all the paperwork involved.
Theyre embarrassed to admit how little wealth they’ve accu-
mulated over the years or how many mistakes they’ve made
previously. Who among us enjoys appearing stupid?
Dreams fade in the face of daily living.
2. Can bundling help them overcome these challenges?
You can bundle fun into the program.
You can add lifestyle tips to the program.
You can take some of the paperwork burden off them by fill-
ing in the necessary forms so that all they have to do is sign.
You can add pertinent information for stage of their life.
3. What could I bundle together to make life easier for my cus-
There are a number of things in the list that arent a lot of fun
—facing our mortality, getting records together, doing paper-
work, admitting our mistakes. One of the things you can do
Icing on the Cake: Bundling for Greater Profits 127

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