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PRINCE2® Foundation: Cram to Pass the PRINCE2 Exam in 7 Days!

Video Description

Time-compressed resource to help you ace the PRINCE2® Foundation exam on your 1st attempt!

About This Video

  • Learn and understand how the PRINCE2® methodology is implemented within your organization
  • A practical course designed for those who want to pass PRINCE2® (2017) Foundation exam on their 1st attempt

In Detail

This course is designed to get you ready to take and pass the PRINCE2® (2017) Foundation exam and this includes an overview of the PRINCE2® methodology including the 7 Principles, 7 Themes, and 7 Processes used in a PRINCE2® project management environment. Additionally, this course comes with 2 complete practice exams that simulate the types of question you will get in the PRINCE2® Foundation exam.

PRINCE2® is the World's most widely adopted project management software. PRINCE2® is used by numerous organizations around the World, across a diverse range of industries and economic sectors. Whether your organization is a commercial entity, non-profit, or governmental organization, chances are you could be using a PRINCE2® environment when conducting your project management.

PRINCE2® is built upon seven Principles, seven Themes, and seven Processes that are the result of decades of best practice research. Additionally, PRINCE2® is highly flexible and can be tailored to large, medium, or small scaled projects to meet your organization's specific requirements.
The PRINCE2® Foundation exam is the entry-level certification in the PRINCE2® methodology and offers an exceptional overview of PRINCE2®. By obtaining your PRINCE2® Foundation certification, you are showing employers that you understand the key elements, concepts, and terminology used in the PRINCE2® method and that you can work effectively as part of a project management team.

The PRINCE2® course on this page is offered by Dion Training Solutions, LLC, and an ATO of AXELOS Limited. PRINCE2 and the Swirl logo are registered trademarks of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

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