For a very long time, people have been doing projects, and for a very long time some people have been messing up their projects. Good approaches and techniques are ‘out there’ but some people just don’t know they’re there.

PRINCE2 is a structured method that gives a clear but very flexible approach to running projects and builds in the things that work well. PRINCE2 helps you do the job of running a project, and also helps you avoid messing up. Whether you’re very experienced in running projects, or absolutely new to it, you’ll find PRINCE2 very powerful and may go on to become a PRINCE2 fanatic like me. Well, hopefully not as fanatical, but certainly enthusiastic! Enthusiastic because this stuff really works.

You may have heard some bad things about PRINCE2; that PRINCE2 makes a mountain of paper, that it’s only for very big projects, that it only fits very formal projects. None of that is right and when you read this book, you’ll soon see why.

If you see poor PRINCE2 projects, don’t make the mistake that so many people do and confuse the result with the tool. If you don’t use a tool properly, you can’t blame the results on the tool! Used well, PRINCE2 – with its 30 years of project experience – is amazing, and it really earns its keep.

About This Book

This book is based very much on practicality. You’ll find a fair bit of technical content here, but that takes a back seat to understanding the logic and thrust of PRINCE2. Once you have the logic clear, the technical ...

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