Chapter 2

Outlining the Structure of PRINCE2

In This Chapter

Introducing the main structure – the processes

Outlining the themes

Setting down the principles

Explaining where project techniques fit in

The PRINCE2 method can seem a bit fragmented at first, especially in the 2009 edition of the PRINCE2 manual which doesn’t help too much. But when you see how all the parts fit together as you read this edition of PRINCE2 For Dummies then it’ll make sense. Parts II and III of this book look at the various elements of the method, but this chapter ranges across the whole of PRINCE2 at a higher level so that you can see how it all slots together.

remember.eps You may need a little while to get to grips with all the detail, but the framework in this chapter is to help speed up that process by giving you a sort of map. PRINCE2 is very logical, so if you have any experience in projects at all, even limited experience, you’ll find you can predict to some degree what will be in the different parts of the method.

When you have the structure of PRINCE2 clear and then hang on the detail, it just becomes the way you run projects. You find that your concentration turns away from what the method is and on to how you’re going to use it on your next project (or if you react like some of the delegates on my courses, how you wish you’d run your last one!). And even if you have a lot of project management experience, ...

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