Chapter 3

Getting Real Power from PRINCE2

In This Chapter

Knowing that PRINCE2 isn’t a standard approach to projects

Understanding why some people hit problems with PRINCE2

Adjusting the method to fit exact project needs

PRINCE2 is a really logical and helpful way of planning and controlling projects. This chapter shows you how to get the true power out of the method, adjust it to fit real-life project situations, and avoid the problems that come from poor understanding and inflexible application of PRINCE2.

This chapter is ideal for you to dip in and out of. You may want to have a look at the chapter early to get some idea about the flexibility of the method, and perhaps discover the cause of any problems you’ve heard about when other people have been using PRINCE2. Indeed, you may have flicked to this chapter first and even now be standing in a bookshop wondering if PRINCE2 For Dummies can give you answers to problems like that. It can. After you’ve read other parts of the book and seen how everything fits together, you can come back to this chapter and think these things over in a bit more detail.

remember.eps Understanding the method well and then using it intelligently is very important. In that sense, PRINCE2 is like most tools: If you don’t know how to use the tool, you may well end up causing some damage to yourself and other people too.

Understanding the Problems

Two misunderstandings ...

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