Chapter 6

Preparing for a Stage in the Project

In This Chapter

Looking at stages – the big control in PRINCE2

Knowing how and when you trigger an End Stage

Forcing an extra stage boundary if you need a major re-plan

Checking the ongoing viability of the project

Providing vital information for the Project Board

You can’t say the word ‘control’ in PRINCE2 without immediately thinking ‘stages’. Stages are the highest level of control and are powerful because at the end of each one, the Project Board must take stock before deciding whether or not to specifically authorise the next part of the project – the next management stage. This chapter covers the work of the Project Manager towards the end of a stage, getting ready for that Project Board decision by providing up-to-date information as decision support and also by creating the plan for the next stage.

As with other key decision documents in PRINCE2, the information that the Project Manager provides at the end of a stage shouldn’t come as a huge shock to board members, because they’ll have been consulted informally while the information was prepared. If you’re using the PRINCE2 manual alongside this book then look out because the manual gives the strong impression overall that the Project Manager goes away and does this work without any reference to the board. The diagram, Figure 6-1, shows you what I mean because there’s no reference to Project Board ‘ad hoc direction’. But that’s wrong and board members must make time available ...

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