Chapter 18

Ten Ways to Make PRINCE2 Work Well

In This Chapter

Staying flexible in how you use the method

Building PRINCE2 into the organisation so that it becomes normal

Maintaining the audit function to make sure that the project runs well

A lot of people get tied up in knots with PRINCE2 and think that the method is only for very big projects because of all the overheads. Sometimes they’ve been given the impression by others that PRINCE2 is all about documentation – form filling. That’s so far from the truth. PRINCE2 is a powerful and dynamic method, but you need to use it intelligently, like any tool. Here are ten tips to help you on the way to PRINCE2 success.

Staying Flexible – Using PRINCE2 Differently

How you use PRINCE2 can be as different as your projects are from each other. Even when you repeat a project, you may want to use the method differently. Yes, yes – I know that some people say that you can’t repeat a project, but I disagree. Saying slight differences may exist is just splitting hairs.

example_smallbus.eps One company involved in deep-sea surveys sends remotely operated vehicles (mini-submarines on a control cable) down to survey the sea bed, to move an oil rig or build an undersea pipeline. The company sets up and runs each survey as a project. One survey is pretty much like another, except that the sub surveys a different part of the sea bed. In a different organisation, a review ...

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