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Principles and Benefits of UX Strategy

Video Description

This course is part one of user experience (UX) pro Jaime Levy’s five part series on UX strategy. It presents a solid framework on the practice of UX strategy and its role in crafting innovative products. Tailored for entrepreneurs, start-up founders, business executives, digital product managers, and UX/UI designers, this video offers an example filled exploration of UX strategy as the must-have nexus between business strategy and UX design.

  • Understand what UX strategy means and why it's crucial for innovative product development
  • Learn a proven formula for performing UX strategy based on four essential tenets
  • Discover why Lean Startup principles like validated user research are key to UX strategy
  • Deconstruct the Airbnb and Uber apps to learn why they’re examples of killer UX design
  • Learn what a value proposition is, why it’s needed in UX strategy, and how to create one
  • Explore the five steps you must take to validate any value proposition
  • Discover the UX strategy techniques you can use in any work environment

Jaime Levy is a UX strategist and designer with 25+ years of professional experience making things interactive and customer friendly for clients like Cisco Systems, Honda, and Sony. She runs Los Angeles based UX strategy company JLR Interactive; teaches UX strategy and design at the University of Southern California; authored the O'Reilly title, "UX Strategy: How to Devise Innovative Digital Products that People Want"; and has a mighty interesting bio on Wikipedia.