Warm-Up Exercises

All problems are available in MyLab Finance.

  1. Learning Goal 1

    E7–1 A balance sheet balances assets with their sources of debt and equity financing. If a corporation has assets equal to $5.2 million and a debt ratio of 75.0%, how much debt does the corporation have on its books?

  2. Learning Goal 2

    E7–2 Angina Inc. has 5 million shares outstanding. The firm is considering issuing an additional 1 million shares. After selling these shares at their $20 per share offering price and netting 95% of the sale proceeds, the firm is obligated by an earlier agreement to sell an additional 250,000 shares at 90% of the offering price. In total, how much cash will the firm net from these stock sales?

  3. Learning Goal 2

    E7–3 Figurate Industries has ...

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