Chapter 1     Basic Theory and Design of Printed Antennas

Dr. Shilpee Patil, Prof. Binod Kumar Kanaujia, and Dr. Anil Kumar Singh

Chapter 2     Latest Trends in the Field of Printed Antennas

Dr. Anand Sharma

Chapter 3     Radiation Pattern Agility of Printed Antennas

Dr. Amit Bage and Surendra Kumar Gupta

Chapter 4     Band Hopping in Printed Antennas

Dr. Surendra Kumar Gupta

Chapter 5     Pattern and Polarization Diversity in Antennas

Dr. Ashwani Kumar and Prashant Chaudhary

Chapter 6     Compact Printed Antenna Designs: Need for UWB Communications

Dr. Rakesh Nath Tiwari, Dr. Prabhakar Singh, and Prof. Binod Kumar Kanaujia

Chapter 7     Circularly Polarized Printed Antennas

Dr. Ganga Prasad Pandey and Dr. ...

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