OASDHI. See Social Security benefits

Obama, Barack, 53

Objective of private wealth management, 3–21

Objects of the power, estate planning and, 508

Offset plans, qualified retirement plans and, for SS benefits, 278

Offsetting notional principal contract (swap), capital gains and, 210

Offshore asset protection trusts (OAPTs), 518

Oil and gas ventures, 132

Oligopoly, 38

Open architecture products, life insurance and, 426

Open market operations, 47

Open orders, common stocks and, 112

Open-end funds, 159, 160–161. See also Mutual funds

Open-end investment companies, 29. See also Mutual funds

Operating earnings, common stocks and, 102

Optimal marital deduction, 567–576

Optimization, mean-variance. See Efficient frontier

Option-income mutual funds, ...

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