1  Among numerous surveys of the Soviet economy on the eve of privatization, see Åslund (1994); Gaddy and Ickes (2002); Hanson (1993; 2003); and the collection of articles in Hewett (1991).

2  Or “orgy of plunder”, see Hedlund (2008: 191).

3  For a recent review of the economic theory associated with transition policies in Central Europe and the CIS, see Mickiewicz (2005: 26) and Chapters 24. See also Åslund (2008); Åslund et al. (1993); Shleifer and Treisman (2000); Granville (1995); Gustafson (1999).

4  An extended discussion of the groups forming around “models” is in Mau (2010: III, 364–8).

5  “On Implementation of the USSR Law: On Individual Labour Activity.” Ved SSSR (Supreme Soviet USSR), 19 November 1986, No. 47, Item ...

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