23.4. AutoLotDAL Version 4.0, Now with Entities

Next, you will learn how to build an EDM that captures the bulk of the AutoLot database, including your GetPetName stored procedure. I strongly suggest that you make a copy of the AutoLotDAL (Version 3) project you created in Chapter 22 and rename this copy to AutoLotDAL (Version 4).

Open the latest version of the AutoLotDAL project in Visual Studio 2010 and insert a new ADO.NET Entity Data Model project item named AutoLotDAL_EF.edmx. On step three of the wizard, you should select the Inventory, Orders, and Customers tables (there's no need to nab the CreditRisks table at this time), as well as the custom stored procedure (see Figure 23-17).

Figure 23.17. The *.edmx file for a majority of the ...

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