Pro C# 7: With .NET and .NET Core

Book description

This essential classic title provides a comprehensive foundation in the C# programming language and the frameworks it lives in. Now in its 8th edition, you’ll find all the very latest C# 7.1 and .NET 4.7 features here, along with four brand new chapters on Microsoft’s lightweight, cross-platform framework, .NET Core, up to and including .NET Core 2.0. Coverage of ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework (EF) Core, and more, sits alongside the latest updates to .NET, including Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), and ASP.NET MVC.

Dive in and discover why Pro C# has been a favorite of C# developers worldwide for over 15 years. Gain a solid foundation in object-oriented development techniques, attributes and reflection, generics and collections as well as numerous advanced topics not found in other texts (such as CIL opcodes and emitting dynamic assemblies). With the help of this book you’ll have the confidence to put C# into practice and explore the .NET universe on your own terms.

What You Will Learn
  • Discover the latest C# 7.1 features, from tuples to pattern matching
  • Hit the ground running with Microsoft’s lightweight, open source .NET Core platform, including ASP.NET Core MVC, ASP.NET Core web services, and Entity Framework Core
  • Find complete coverage of XAML, .NET 4.7, and Visual Studio 2017
  • Understand the philosophy behind .NET and the new, cross-platform alternative, .NET Core

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Frontmatter
  3. 1. Introducing C# and the .NET Platform
    1. 1. The Philosophy of .NET
    2. 2. Building C# Applications
  4. 2. Core C# Programing
    1. 3. Core C# Programming Constructs, Part I
    2. 4. Core C# Programming Constructs, Part II
  5. 3. Object-Oriented Programming with C#
    1. 5. Understanding Encapsulation
    2. 6. Understanding Inheritance and Polymorphism
    3. 7. Understanding Structured Exception Handling
    4. 8. Working with Interfaces
  6. 4. Advanced C# Programming
    1. 9. Collections and Generics
    2. 10. Delegates, Events, and Lambda Expressions
    3. 11. Advanced C# Language Features
    4. 12. LINQ to Objects
    5. 13. Understanding Object Lifetime
  7. 5. Programming with .NET Assemblies
    1. 14. Building and Configuring Class Libraries
    2. 15. Type Reflection, Late Binding, and Attribute-Based Programming
    3. 16. Dynamic Types and the Dynamic Language Runtime
    4. 17. Processes, AppDomains, and Object Contexts
    5. 18. Understanding CIL and the Role of Dynamic Assemblies
  8. 6. Introducing the .NET Base Class Libraries
    1. 19. Multithreaded, Parallel, and Async Programming
    2. 20. File I/O and Object Serialization
    3. 21. Data Access with ADO.NET
    4. 22. Introducing Entity Framework 6
    5. 23. Introducing Windows Communication Foundation
  9. 7. Windows Presentation Foundation
    1. 24. Introducing Windows Presentation Foundation and XAML
    2. 25. WPF Controls, Layouts, Events, and Data Binding
    3. 26. WPF Graphics Rendering Services
    4. 27. WPF Resources, Animations, Styles, and Templates
    5. 28. WPF Notifications, Validations, Commands, and MVVM
  10. 8. ASP.NET
    1. 29. Introducing ASP.NET MVC
    2. 30. Introducing ASP.NET Web API
  11. 9. .NET CORE
    1. 31. The Philosophy of .NET Core
    2. 32. Introducing Entity Framework Core
    3. 33. Introducing ASP.NET Core Web Applications
    4. 34. Introducing ASP.NET Core Service Applications
  12. Backmatter

Product information

  • Title: Pro C# 7: With .NET and .NET Core
  • Author(s): Andrew Troelsen, Philip Japikse
  • Release date: November 2017
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781484230183