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Ravikanth Chaganti, Pro PowerShell Desired State Configuration, https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-3483-9_4

4. Writing Configurations

Ravikanth Chaganti

(1)Saideep Helicon, Bengaluru, India

So far, you’ve examined the need for IaC, the role that PowerShell DSC plays in IaC, an overview of DSC architecture and features, and how the LCM (which is the core part of PowerShell DSC) makes it so. Armed with this knowledge, let’s go forward and start creating a few configurations to explore PowerShell DSC’s declarative syntax. You will start with some very basic examples and make your way towards creating more complex and reusable configurations. You will write more advanced configurations that use secure credentials and configurations ...

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