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Ravikanth Chaganti, Pro PowerShell Desired State Configuration, https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-3483-9_7

7. Validating DSC Resources

Ravikanth Chaganti

(1)Saideep Helicon, Bengaluru, India

In Chapter 6, you learned how to author DSC resource modules. You also learned how to write MOF-based and class-based DSC resources. To learn these concepts, you created the HostsFile resource, used it in a configuration script, and enacted it. In this entire scenario, you assumed that it worked. It worked, of course, because the code in the examples was tested for basic functionality before putting it in the chapter.

There is a formal way to approach testing of DSC resources and modules. In this chapter, you will learn exactly that. ...

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