Pro SharePoint 2007 Development Techniques

Book Description

The landscape of doing SharePoint development has changed considerably in the last year, with the release of SharePoint Server 2007 and its related technologies. You need a contemporary reference to stay on top of the latest ways to combine .NET development techniques with your SharePoint development techniques, and SharePoint 2007 Development Techniques is your guide.

What makes this book unique are the topics that have never before been discussed in a SharePoint 2007 context. Learn how to incorporate the latest trends, capabilities, and enhancements in your daily SharePoint development activities.

Table of Contents

  1. About the Authors
  2. About the Technical Reviewer
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. Introduction
    1. What Does This Book Cover?
    2. Who Is This Book For?
    3. Source Code
    4. What Do You Need to Use This Book?
  5. 1. Incorporating ASP.NET 2.0 into Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
    1. Architecture Overview
    2. Web Parts Overview
    3. WSS 3.0 Tools: Visual Studio 2005 Extensions
    4. ASP.NET 2.0 Server Controls
    5. Enhancing Development of Web Parts with the Guidance Automation Toolkit
    6. Summary
  6. 2. Creating Interactive Web Parts Using ASP.NET Ajax
    1. What Are Ajax and ASP.NET Ajax?
    2. Ajax Frameworks for ASP.NET
    3. Adding Service Virtualization to a Web Service
    4. JavaScript in Web Parts
    5. Remote Calls Prior to ASP.NET Ajax
    6. Web Service Message Types
    7. Installing ASP.NET Ajax
    8. Building a Performance Counter Web Part
    9. Building a Company Contact Web Part Using ASP.NET Ajax and JSON
    10. Building an Autocompletion Web Part
    11. Client-Side Connectable Web Parts and ASP.NET Ajax
    12. Revisiting the Performance Counter Web Part
    13. Client Callbacks and the People Picker Control
    14. Summary
  7. 3. Enhancing Business Intelligence via SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services
    1. Introducing Reporting Services
    2. Requirements for Reporting Services
    3. Mode of Deployment
    4. Building a Report
    5. Reporting Services Web Parts
    6. Report Center
    7. Reports in SharePoint
    8. Reporting Services Extensions
    9. Summary
  8. 4. Building Human-Oriented Workflows Using Windows Workflow Foundation
    1. Basics of Windows Workflow Foundation
    2. Creating Basic Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2007
    3. Creating Advanced Workflow Solutions with Visual Studio
    4. Summary
  9. 5. Building a Domain-Specific Language for Connectable Web Parts
    1. Introducing Software Factories
    2. Background on Domain-Specific Languages
    3. Components of a Software Factory
    4. Using DSL Tools
    5. Web Part Connections
    6. A Domain-Specific Language: Using WPCL 2007
    7. Creating the Web Part Connection Language
    8. Summary
  10. 6. Reusing Presentation Layers via Web Services for Remote Portlets
    1. Getting to Know WSRP
    2. Configuring a WSRP Consumer for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
    3. Summary
  11. 7. Changing Code Privileges Using Impersonation, Elevation, and Delegation
    1. Setting Up the Development Environment
    2. Impersonation and Elevation Within the SharePoint Object Model
    3. Encrypting Sensitive Data via DPAPI
    4. Single Sign-on
    5. RevertToSelf and RunWithElevatedPrivileges
    6. Delegation
    7. Impersonation in WCF
    8. Summary
  12. 8. Working with InfoPath in a MOSS 2007 Environment
    1. InfoPath Walkthrough
    2. Sharing Data Connection Files in a Data Connection Library
    3. Using Data from a SharePoint List
    4. Updating and Saving an InfoPath Form Programmatically
    5. Using a Submit Button
    6. Importing Forms
    7. Forms Services 2007
    8. Integration Between InfoPath, SharePoint, and BizTalk Server 2006
    9. Summary
  13. 9. Deep Traversal of SQL Full-Text Extensions
    1. Search Architecture
    2. Working with SQL Full-Text Extensions
    3. SQL Full-Text Extensions Syntax
    4. Common Pitfalls and Questions
    5. Summary

Product Information

  • Title: Pro SharePoint 2007 Development Techniques
  • Author(s): Margriet Bruggeman, Nikander Bruggeman
  • Release date: November 2007
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781590599136