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Pro Silverlight 5 in C#

Book Description

Silverlight 5 is the latest iteration of Microsoft's cross-browser technology for creating rich user experiences on the Web. Like its predecessor, it rides atop the .NET Framework for maximum ease of use and coding efficiency. The new technology carries forward much of the work that has been done before and augments it in many important respects, including support for H.264 video, major improvements to the graphics engine (including true 3D rendering), and much richer data-binding options for interfacing with other applications.

Pro Silverlight 5 in C# is an invaluable reference for professional developers who want to discover the new features of Silverlight. Author Matthew MacDonald's expert advice guides you through creating rich media applications using Silverlight in the environment you're most productive in—no matter what the target platform. As you learn about the features that put Silverlight in direct competition with Adobe Flash, such as rich support for 2D and 3D drawing, animations, and media playback, you'll experience the plumbing of .NET and the design model of WPF through Silverlight—all of the same .NET technology that developers use to design next-generation Windows applications.

Pro Silverlight 5 in C# is a comprehensive tutorial, written from professional developer

What you'll learn

  • To develop rich media applications using Silverlight across browsers and platforms

  • To create a project, set up a layout, and use controls

  • To handle both 2D and 3D drawing, animation, and media playback through Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

  • To integrate web services support

  • To use Silverlight in conjunction with ASP.NET and its interactions with HTML

Who this book is for

This book is for .NET developers encountering Silverlight for the first time. No prior knowledge of WPF or ASP.NET is assumed.

Table of Contents

  1. Title
  2. Dedication
  3. Contents at a Glance
  4. Contents
  5. About the Author
  6. About the Technical Reviewer
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Introduction
    1. Understanding Silverlight
    2. About This Book
    3. The Last Word
  9. Chapter 1: Introducing Silverlight
    1. Silverlight Design Tools
    2. Creating a Stand-Alone Silverlight Project
    3. Creating a Simple Silverlight Page
    4. Creating an ASP.NET-Hosted Silverlight Project
    5. Silverlight Compilation and Deployment
    6. The HTML Test Page
    7. The Last Word
  10. Chapter 2: XAML
    1. XAML Basics
    2. Properties and Events in XAML
    3. XAML Resources
    4. Element-to-Element Binding
    5. The Last Word
  11. Chapter 3: Layout
    1. The Layout Containers
    2. Simple Layout with the StackPanel
    3. The WrapPanel and DockPanel
    4. The Grid
    5. Coordinate-Based Layout with the Canvas
    6. Custom Layout Containers
    7. Sizing Pages
    8. The Last Word
  12. Chapter 4: Dependency Properties and Routed Events
    1. Dependency Properties
    2. Routed Events
    3. Mouse Handling
    4. Keyboard Handling
    5. The Command Model
    6. The Last Word
  13. Chapter 5: Elements
    1. The Silverlight Elements
    2. Static Text
    3. Images
    4. Content Controls
    5. Buttons
    6. Tooltips and Pop-Ups
    7. Items Controls
    8. Text Controls
    9. Range-Based Controls
    10. Date Controls
    11. The Last Word
  14. Chapter 6: The Application Model
    1. The Application Class
    2. Application Events
    3. Custom Splash Screens
    4. Binary Resources
    5. Class Library Assemblies
    6. The Last Word
  15. Chapter 7: Navigation
    1. Loading User Controls
    2. Child Windows
    3. The Frame and Page
    4. Custom Content Loaders
    5. The Last Word
  16. Chapter 8: Shapes and Transforms
    1. Basic Shapes
    2. Paths and Geometries
    3. Transforms
    4. Perspective Transforms
    5. Exporting Clip Art
    6. The Last Word
  17. Chapter 9: Brushes, Bitmaps, and Printing
    1. Brushes
    2. Transparency
    3. Pixel Shaders
    4. The WriteableBitmap Class
    5. Printing
    6. The Last Word
  18. Chapter 10: Animation Basics
    1. Understanding Silverlight Animation
    2. Creating Simple Animations
    3. Animation Easing
    4. Animation Performance
    5. The Last Word
  19. Chapter 11: Advanced Animation
    1. Animation Types Revisited
    2. Animations in Code
    3. Encapsulating Animations
    4. Frame-Based Animation
    5. The Last Word
  20. Chapter 12: Sound, Video, and Deep Zoom
    1. Supported File Types
    2. The MediaElement
    3. Advanced Video Playback
    4. Low-Latency Sound
    5. Webcam and Microphone Input
    6. Deep Zoom
    7. The Last Word
  21. Chapter 13: Silverlight 3D
    1. Understanding 3D in Silverlight
    2. Basic 3D Drawing
    3. Complex Objects and Textures
    4. Movement and Animation
    5. The Last Word
  22. Chapter 14: Styles and Behaviors
    1. Styles
    2. Behaviors
    3. The Last Word
  23. Chapter 15: Control Templates
    1. Template Basics
    2. The Parts and States Model
    3. Creating Templates for Custom Controls
    4. The Last Word
  24. Chapter 16: Multithreading
    1. Understanding Multithreading
    2. The Thread Class
    3. The BackgroundWorker
    4. The Last Word
  25. Chapter 17: Browser Integration
    1. Interacting with HTML Elements
    2. Code Interaction
    3. Combining Silverlight and HTML Content
    4. Securing HTML Interoperability
    5. The Last Word
  26. Chapter 18: Out-of-Browser Applications
    1. Understanding Out-of-Browser Support
    2. Creating an Out-of-Browser Application
    3. Out-of-Browser Application Features
    4. Elevated Trust
    5. The Last Word
  27. Chapter 19: ASP.NET Web Services
    1. Building Web Services for Silverlight
    2. Web Service Data Types
    3. More Advanced Web Services
    4. Duplex Services
    5. The Last Word
  28. Chapter 20: Data Binding
    1. Binding to Data Objects
    2. Binding to a Collection of Objects
    3. Validation
    4. Data Formatting and Conversion
    5. Data Templates
    6. The Last Word
  29. Chapter 21: Data Controls
    1. Better Data Forms
    2. Data Annotations
    3. The DataGrid
    4. DataGrid Editing
    5. The PagedCollectionView
    6. The TreeView
    7. The PivotViewer
    8. The Last Word
  30. Chapter 22: File Access
    1. Isolated Storage
    2. Using Isolated Storage
    3. Accessing Files Outside of Isolated Storage
    4. File Access in Elevated Trust Applications
    5. The Last Word
  31. Chapter 23: Networking
    1. Interacting with the Web
    2. Processing Different Types of Data
    3. Sockets
    4. Local Connections
    5. The Last Word
  32. Index