C H A P T E R  13

Silverlight 3D

As you already know, Silverlight began its life as a subset of the features, classes, and capabilities found in the WPF library. Long before Silverlight was released, the technology was first called WPF/E (shorthand for “WPF for Everyone”).

But in the years since Silverlight 1.0, Silverlight has taken its own path. As expected, it's inherited some of the features of WPF, including many of WPF's controls, commands, data binding and styling features, and the .NET file access model. But it's also picked up some new features before WPF (like animation easing and visual states), and it's added a few features that have no direct WPF equivalent (like webcam support, DeepZoom, and the PivotViewer). But Silverlight's ...

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