4.2. Using RadTreeView

The RadTreeView control is easy to use but powerful, and it supports capabilities such as loading on demand, templates, data binding, enhanced drag-and-drop functionality, built-in context menus, animations, multinode selection, check box support, and full-featured client-side and server-side APIs.

4.2.1. Performing Simple Navigation

Navigation with a RadTreeView is very easy with the use of the NavigateUrl property of the RadTreeNode object, which is shown in Listing 4-10.

Example 4.10. RadTreeView Navigation
ASPX Page <telerik:RadTreeView ID="RadTreeView11" runat="server" Skin="Web20"> <Nodes> <telerik:RadTreeNode Text="Products" NavigateUrl="Products/Default.aspx"> <Nodes> <telerik:RadTreeNode Text="Bread" NavigateUrl="Products/Bread.aspx"> ...

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