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Pro Tools® 10 Power!: The Comprehensive Guide

Book Description

The leading reference to the world's most popular digital audio workstation, PRO TOOLS 10 POWER!: THE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE is an allnew edition, exploring and explaining the latest version of this powerful, creative software. PRO TOOLS 10 POWER! is the most complete onevolume guide to Pro Tools available, covering everything from the details of the Pro Tools interface to editing, mixing, MIDI, synchronization, post production, sound design, score editing, and much, much more. No matter what facet of the music/audio world you're working in, you will benefit from the book's clear, stepbystep guidance and the wealth of production tips and shortcuts. You'll learn to work efficiently in Pro Tools, and you'll discover the most important tools, key menu commands, and essential working methods for getting topquality results fast. Users at all levels will find PRO TOOLS 10 POWER! an indispensable reference—the goto resource covering all of Pro Tools' features and functions. Strengthen your Pro Tools expertise with PRO TOOLS 10 POWER!: THE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. About the Author
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. 1 About Pro Tools
    1. What Is Pro Tools?
    2. How It Works
    3. Multitrack Recording, Mixdown, and Mastering: An Overview
    4. Digital Audio Basics
    5. MIDI Basics
    6. Summary
  8. 2 Pro Tools Terms and Concepts
    1. Pro Tools Data and Files
    2. How Pro Tools Handles Audio
    3. Mixing Concepts
    4. Avid Technology
    5. Summary
  9. 3 Your System Configuration
    1. Basic Components
    2. Pro Tools Hardware Configurations
    3. iLok USB Smart Key
    4. Control Surfaces for Pro Tools
    5. VENUE
    6. Summary
  10. 4 Creating Your First Pro Tools Session
    1. Your First Session
    2. Editing and Effects
    3. Mixdown
    4. Summary
  11. 5 The Transport Window
    1. Transport Buttons
    2. Transport Window Fields
    3. MIDI Transport Controls
    4. Summary
  12. 6 The Edit Window
    1. Edit Tools: The Zoomer, Trim, Selector, Grabber, Smart Tool, Scrubber, and Pencil
    2. Edit Modes: Slip, Shuffle, Grid, and Spot
    3. Zoom Controls and Zoom Preset Buttons
    4. Event Edit Area (Counters and Edit Selection Fields)
    5. Edit Window Transport Buttons
    6. Edit Window Option Buttons and Functions
    7. Other Edit Window Controls and Functions
    8. Clip List
    9. Edit Group List
    10. Track List
    11. Track View Selector for Track Data
    12. Track Height Selector
    13. Playlist Selector (Audio and MIDI Tracks)
    14. Samples/Ticks Timebase Selector
    15. Track Color Indicators
    16. Timeline Display: Timebase Rulers and Marker Memory Locations
    17. Managing Multiple Takes
    18. Real-Time Properties on MIDI/Instrument Tracks
    19. More about Automation in Pro Tools
    20. Automation and Controller Lanes
    21. Working with Clip-Based Gain
    22. Using the Tempo Editor
    23. Summary
  13. 7 The Mix Window
    1. Mixer Strip Elements
    2. Mix Window View Selector
    3. Output Windows
    4. Track List
    5. Mix Group List
    6. Summary
  14. 8 Menu Selections: Highlights
    1. File Menu
    2. Edit Menu
    3. View Menu
    4. Track Menu
    5. Clip Menu
    6. Event Menu
    7. AudioSuite Menu
    8. Options Menu
    9. Setup Menu
    10. Window Menu
    11. Marketplace
    12. Summary
  15. 9 Plug-Ins, Inserts, and Sends
    1. Signal Routing in Pro Tools
    2. Plug-In Architectures
    3. Plug-In Effects
    4. Tips for Using Sends (to External I/O, PT Busses, and Aux Inputs)
    5. ReWire
    6. Getting the Most Out of Available DSP
    7. Summary
  16. 10 MIDI
    1. A Technical Overview of MIDI
    2. MIDI Interface Options
    3. MIDI Setup
    4. External MIDI Devices
    5. Virtual Instruments
    6. Recording into MIDI and Instrument Tracks
    7. Editing MIDI and Instrument Tracks in the Edit Window
    8. The MIDI Editor Window
    9. The Event Menu
    10. Other Commands Relating to MIDI
    11. Summary
  17. 11 Synchronization
    1. Synchronization Defined
    2. SMPTE Time Code
    3. MIDI Time Code (MTC)
    4. SMPTE Peripherals
    5. Types of Synchronization
    6. Using QuickTime, Other Digital Video File Formats
    7. Summary
  18. 12 The Pro Tools Groove
    1. Combining MIDI and Audio
    2. Looping Audio Clips
    3. Working with REX and ACID Files
    4. Building a Better Groove
    5. Elastic Audio
    6. Beat Detective
    7. Working with Effects
    8. Summary
  19. 13 A Multitrack Music Session
    1. Track Setup and Click Track for Recording
    2. Setting Up a Cue Mix with Effects
    3. Making the Most of Available Tracks
    4. Tips for Remote Recording with Pro Tools
    5. Summary
  20. 14 Post-Production and Soundtracks
    1. Synchronization Setup
    2. Using Video Files in Post
    3. Tips for Recording Voice-Overs
    4. Spotting Techniques, Sound Effects
    5. Surround Mixing
    6. Audio Editing for Avid-Based Video Projects
    7. Audio Editing for Linear (Tape-Based) Video Suites
    8. Summary
  21. 15 Sound Design for Interactive Media
    1. Sound-Effects Libraries, Synths/Samplers, Sound Creation
    2. Common Multimedia File Formats
    3. How Audio Is Used in Interactive Media
    4. Sharing Well with Others: About Bandwidth
    5. Summary
  22. 16 Bouncing to Disk, Other File Formats
    1. Bounce to Disk
    2. Bounce to QuickTime Movie
    3. Normalization and Gain Optimization
    4. Sample Rate and Bit Depth
    5. Compressed File Formats (MP3, AAC, MPEG-4, RealAudio, and So On)
    6. Additional Audio-Editing Programs
    7. Audio CD Creation
    8. Summary
  23. 17 The Score Editor Window
    1. Using the Edit Tools
    2. Keys, Meters, and Chords in the Score Editor Window
    3. Settings and Setups
    4. Summary
  24. 18 Pro Tools Power: The Next Step
    1. Upgrade Path: For Your System
    2. Upgrade Path: For Your Mind
    3. Career Options
    4. Maintaining a Learning Attitude and Finding Additional Resources
    5. Summary
  25. Appendix A: Further Study and Resources on the Web
    1. Books about Audio
    2. Magazines
    3. www.avid.com
    4. Other Useful Websites
    5. Schools
  26. Appendix B: Add-Ons, Extensions, and Cool Stuff for Your Rig
    1. External Control Surfaces
    2. Synchronization Peripherals
    3. Word Clock and Sync Generators
    4. Ergonomics, Rackmounting, Extenders
  27. Appendix C: Archive and Backup
    1. Where Pro Tools Stores Session Data
    2. Why and When Should You Save Your Data?
    3. CD-R, DVD-R
    4. Tape Backup Options
    5. Backup Software
  28. Appendix D: Power Tips and Loopy Ideas
    1. Mixing and Processing Tips
    2. Editing Tips
    3. General Tips
  29. Appendix E: Signal Flow in Pro Tools
  30. Index