Chapter 1: Audio Editing Basics

In This Chapter

check.png Getting to know hard-drive editing

check.png Working with audio clips

check.png Using edit modes

check.png Editing playlists

Hard drive recording — in general, and with Pro Tools specifically — makes editing audio fast and easy. In days of old, if you wanted to remove a bad note or shoddy drum hit, you had to break out a razor blade and some sticky tape, prepare the offending segment of magnetic tape for surgery, hold your breath, and apply a steady hand. Any changes to the recorded tracks got you into a messy, inexact, time-consuming process that many engineers weren’t very good at. Even the steadiest hands couldn’t come close to the accuracy and variety now available (to even the clumsiest of the bunch) through the editing functions of the new digital gear.

This chapter gets you started on the process of editing audio in Pro Tools. First, you get to know the basic ways that Pro Tools does editing — in particular, the role of audio clips (representations of your audio files in the Edit window). This chapter then guides you through finding and viewing clips so making ...

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