Pro Ubuntu Server Administration

Book description

Pro Ubuntu Server Administration teaches you advanced Ubuntu system building. After reading this book, you will be able to manage anything from simple file servers to multiple virtual servers to high-availability clusters. This is the capstone volume of the Apress Ubuntu trilogy that includes Beginning Ubuntu Linux, Third Edition and Beginning Ubuntu Server LTS Administration: From Novice to Professional, Second Edition. You will be able to make Ubuntu technology shine in a Fortune 500 environment and let Ubuntu server become the backbone of your infrastructure. Topics covered include

  • Performance monitoring and optimization

  • High-availability clustering

  • Advanced Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) integrated networking

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Dedication
  3. Contents at a Glance
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword
  6. About the Author
  7. About the Technical Reviewer
  8. Introduction
  9. CHAPTER 1: Performing an Advanced Ubuntu Server Installation, Installing Ubuntu Server with RAID
    1. What's So Special About an Enterprise Installation?
    2. Preparing for the Installation in a Network
    3. Installing Ubuntu Server
    4. Post-Installation Tasks
    5. Summary
  10. CHAPTER 2: Using Ubuntu Server for System Imaging, Clonezilla on Ubuntu Server
    1. Setting Up a Clonezilla Imaging Server
    2. Setting Up Diskless Remote Boot in Linux
    3. Setting Up the DHCP Server
    4. Completing Clonezilla Configuration
    5. Configuring the Clients for Cloning
    6. Summary
  11. CHAPTER 3: Performance Monitoring, Finding Performance Problems on Ubuntu Server
    1. Interpreting What Your Computer Is Doing: top
    2. Analyzing CPU Performance
    3. Finding Memory Problems
    4. Monitoring Storage Performance
    5. Monitoring Network Performance
    6. Performance Baselining
    7. Summary
  12. CHAPTER 4: Performance Optimization, Tuning Ubuntu Server Like a Racing Car
    1. Strategies for Optimizing Performance
    2. CPU Tuning
    3. Tuning Memory
    4. Tuning Storage Performance
    5. Network Tuning
    6. Summary
  13. CHAPTER 5: Advanced File System Management, Getting the Best Out of Your File Systems
    1. Understanding File Systems
    2. Optimizing File Systems
    3. Summary
  14. CHAPTER 6: Network Monitoring, Knowing When It Goes Wrong Without Watching It
    1. Starting with Nagios
    2. Configuring Nagios
    3. Installing NRPE
    4. Managing Nagios
    5. Summary
  15. CHAPTER 7: Creating an Open Source SAN, Configuring a DRBD and Heartbeat on Ubuntu Server
    1. Preparing Your Open Source SAN
    2. Setting Up the Distributed Replicated Block Device
    3. Accessing the SAN with iSCSI
    4. Setting Up Heartbeat
    5. Heartbeat Beyond the Open Source SAN
    6. Summary
  16. CHAPTER 8: Configuring OpenLDAP, Centralizing User Management
    1. Using the LDAP Directory
    2. Introducing OpenLDAP
    3. Configuring OpenLDAP
    4. Using LDAP Management Commands
    5. Logging In to an LDAP Server
    6. Summary
  17. CHAPTER 9: Integrating Samba, Making It Work with Windows
    1. Setting Up Samba the Easy Way
    2. Integrating Samba with LDAP
    3. Using Samba As a Primary Domain Controller
    4. Integrating Samba in Active Directory
    5. Authenticating Linux Users on Windows with Winbind
    6. Summary
  18. CHAPTER 10: Configuring Ubuntu Server, As a Mail Server Sending and Receiving Mail Easily
    1. Understanding the Components of a Mail Solution
    2. Configuring the Postfix MTA
    3. Receiving E-mail Using IMAP or POP3
    4. Summary
  19. CHAPTER 11: Managing Ubuntu Server Security, Configuring Cryptography and AppArmor
    1. Managing Cryptography
    2. Securing Applications with AppArmor
    3. Summary
  20. CHAPTER 12: Configuring Ubuntu Server As a VPN Server, Networking Securely over the Internet
    1. Installing and Configuring OpenVPN
    2. Configuring the VPN Server
    3. Configuring a Linux VPN Client
    4. Summary
  21. CHAPTER 13: Configuring Kerberos and NTP on Ubuntu Server, Using an Alternative Method to Handle Authentication
    1. Configuring an NTP Time Server
    2. Understanding Kerberos
    3. Installing and Configuring Kerberos
    4. Configuring the Kerberos Server
    5. Configuring the Kerberos Client
    6. Summary
  22. CHAPTER 14: Ubuntu Server Troubleshooting, Fixing the Most Common Problems
    1. Identifying the Problem
    2. Troubleshooting Tools
    3. Common Problems and How to Fix Them
    4. Summary
  23. Index

Product information

  • Title: Pro Ubuntu Server Administration
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2008
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781430216223