176 Problem Determination for WebSphere for z/OS
16.3.2 Change control
Good change control management can help you avoid problems. You should have robust
change control procedures and enforce them. A robust change control process can only be
as good as its implementation. Do not take shortcuts when implementing changes no matter
how small a change it is.
Always have a log of the changes that are going into the production systems. Hold regular
audits of changes and verify all changes. If a change was implemented on a certain date,
then follow up with its result. Did it or did it not meet the requirements?
Keeping access logs to systems also helps identify unauthorized accesses, security
problems, and so forth.
Note: Keeping change logs is a best practice, but do not use them as the sole source for
identifying or considering where the root cause of a problem is. You must consider the
problem from all aspects.

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