Malcolm A. Kelland grew up in South Croydon, in the
south of Greater London, UK, attending Whitgift School.
He obtained a rst class honors degree in chemistry
and a DPhil in organometallic chemistry from Oxford
University, UK. He worked at RF-Rogaland Research
(now the International Research of Stavanger, IRIS),
Norway, from 1991 to 2000 mostly on production chem-
istry projects, leading the production chemistry group
for three of those years. He was involved in a variety of
research projects on issues such as gas hydrates, scale,
corrosion, wax, and drag reducers. He has particularly
been involved in designing and testing low-dosage
hydrate inhibitors (LDHIs) and is author and co-author
on a number of patents on this subject. After a brief spell
at a minor production chemical service company, he moved to the University of Stavanger (UiS),
Norway, in 2001, where he is currently professor of inorganic chemistry. He teaches chemistry,
environmental science, and inorganic chemistry. His current research is in designing and testing
more environmentally friendly LDHIs as well as other projects on new scale inhibitors and other
crystal growth inhibitors in and outside the oil industry. He is also the chief scientic ofcer for Eco
Inhibitors, a spin-off company from UiS that consults on oileld chemicals and licenses several new
LDHIs. He is married with three children and enjoys gardening, giving chemical “magic” shows,
playing badminton, and geocaching.

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