Malcolm A. Kelland
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ChemiCal engineering
Production chemistry issues result from changes in well stream uids, both
liquid and gaseous, during processing. Since crude oil production is charac-
terized by variable production rates and unpredictable changes to the nature
of the produced uids, it is essential for production chemists to have a range
of chemical additives available for rectifying issues that would not otherwise
be fully resolved. Modern production methods, the need to upgrade crude oils
of variable quality, and environmental constraints demand chemical solutions.
Thus, oileld production chemicals are necessary to overcome or minimize the
effects of the production chemistry problems.
Production Chemicals for the Oil and Gas Industry, Second Edition discusses a
wide variety of production chemicals used by the oil and gas industry for down-
hole and topside applications both onshore and offshore. Incorporating the large
amount of research and applications since the rst edition, this new edition
reviews all past and present classes of production chemicals, providing numerous
difcult-to-obtain references, especially SPE papers and patents. Unlike other
texts that focus on how products perform in the eld, this book focuses on the
specic structures of chemicals that are known to deliver the required or desired
performance—information that is very useful for research and development.
Each updated chapter begins by introducing a problem, such as scale or corro-
sion, for which there is a production chemical. The author then briey discusses
all chemical and nonchemical methods to treat the problem and provides in-depth
descriptions of the structural classes of relevant production chemicals. He also
mentions, when available, the environmental properties of chemicals and whether
the chemical or technique has been successfully used in the eld. This edition
includes two new chapters and over 50 percent more references.
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