Chapter 5

Embracing a Holistic Approach

In This Chapter

arrow Making exercise a habit that works for you

arrow Discovering your inner calm

arrow Giving your body the fuel it needs

arrow Working with your energy levels

arrow Getting up earlier to get more done

The first instinct of someone who wants to get organised is to look externally. People usually start by clearing up the clutter that surrounds them and then begin to look for apps or software to solve all their problems. Although this approach can work, it often leaves out a large part of getting organised.

Becoming more productive involves a lot more than improving your systems and technology; it requires a more holistic approach. You can’t possibly function at your best if your body and mind aren’t on board.

Holistic means looking at the whole picture. The holistic approach to productivity involves looking inward as much as looking outward. It encourages you to look at your habits and identify places where changes can improve your performance. It focuses ...

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