Chapter 17

Productivity at Home

In This Chapter

arrow Becoming a productive parent

arrow Getting in tune with your work-life balance

arrow Raising productive children

arrow Putting together a home office

Many people are highly productive at work, but their home life is a completely different story. Staying organised at home is as important as being organised at work. If you come home to a cluttered and disorganised space, you can’t feel relaxed and at peace.

Your time away from work should be comfortable and stress-free. Creating an organised and calm environment at home will help make it a perfect place to spend time with family and friends and renew and re-energise for another day or week at work.

Productivity for Parents

Being organised at home is something not many have achieved but many crave. I know a lot of parents who are desperate for more structure and order at home. Whether or not both parents work, staying productive at home is important both for your sanity and for your children’s upbringing. When two parents work, it can be difficult to spend your precious time with your kids in the evening ...

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