Chapter 20

Ten Ways to Focus and Get More Done

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering ways to get more work done

arrow Applying mindful techniques for greater focus

arrow Creating the conditions for success

Learning to focus is a key skill for achieving success in life. Most people find focusing difficult due to constant distraction and information overload. In this chapter, you find some great ways to help you clear your cluttered mind and go for gold. Decluttering, meditating and running all work in different ways to help you achieve the focus of a Buddhist monk.

Decluttering Your Life

Decluttering can have powerful effects on both your work and home lives. Clearing out your cupboards, wardrobes and filing cabinets opens the door for bigger and brighter things.

Physical clutter can affect your mental state. The thought of sorting it all out can be overwhelming, and you may just not know where to start. But remember: when you have less stuff, you need less time to clean and care for that stuff. Downsizing, recycling, donating or dumping – whatever method you choose, you’ll feel so much better for it. The physical clutter can inevitably cause stress, anxiety and tension, all traits to be avoided at ...

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