16.5. Using a Microsoft SQL Server Database-Based Policy Store

Windows Server 2008 enriches the AzMan Authorization Manager with a new feature: the ability to store the authorization information in a Microsoft SQL Server. The SQL Server can be a SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, or SQL Server Express 2005. From a programming and configuration standpoint, using a Microsoft SQL Server database-based policy store is no different from using a file-based policy store or directory-based policy store, aside from the connection string. Instead of configuring the connection string with an msxml or msldap moniker, you can use an mssql moniker with a valid Microsoft SQL Server connection string. Setting up an AzMan policy store basically involves specifying a connection string that includes the database server, database name, and the Policy Store name at the very least. To create a new AzMan policy store based on a Microsoft SQL Server, right-click on the Authorization Manager node and select New Authorization Store. Figure 16-9 shows the GUI that pops up to help you in configuring the SQL Server based AzMan policy store.

Figure 16-9. Figure 16-9

Notice in Figure 16-9 that a new authorization store type is now included as an option to select and use. Once you select the Microsoft SQL option, you need also to specify the schema version, and finally and most importantly the Store Name. If ...

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