2.3. ASP.NET AJAX's Server-Side Controls

The AJAX Extensions section in the Visual Studio 2008 toolbox, provides few controls for your use. Those controls that are there are focused on allowing you to AJAX-enable your ASP.NET applications. They are enabling controls. If you are looking for more specific server controls that take advantage of the new AJAX model, then look at the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit — a separate download that is covered in Chapter 6.

The ASP.NET AJAX server controls that come with ASP.NET 3.5 are laid out in the following table.

ASP.NET AJAXServer ControlDescription
ScriptManagerA component control that manages the marshalling of messages to the AJAX-enabled server for the parts of the page requiring partial updates. To work, every ASP.NET page requires a ScriptManager control. It is important to note that you can have only a single ScriptManager control on a page.
ScriptManagerProxyA component control that acts as a ScriptManager control for a content page. The ScriptManagerProxy control, which sits on the content page (or subpage), works in conjunction with a required ScriptManager control that resides on the master page.
TimerThe Timer control executes client-side events at specific intervals and allows specific parts of your page to update or refresh at these moments.
UpdatePanelA container control that allows you to define specific areas of the page that are enabled to work with the ScriptManager. These areas can then, in turn, make the partial page postbacks ...

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