Professional BlazeDS: Creating Rich Internet Applications with Flex® and Java®

Book description

A hands-on guide to creating Rich Internet Applications (RIA) using BlazeDS

BlazeDS enables you to easily connect to back-end distributed data and push data in real time to Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR applications in order to garner more responsive Rich Internet Application (RIA) experiences. It is a scalable option for Flex and Java integration and allows you to create excellent RIAs with both Flex and Java.

This informative resource provides you with detailed examples and walkthroughs that explain the best practices for creating RIAs using BlazeDS. You'll begin with the essentials of BlazeDS and then more on to more advanced topics. Along the way, you'll learn the real-world concerns that surround enterprise-based Java and Flex applications.

  • BlazeDS enables you to connect to back-end distributed data in order to garner more responsive Rich Internet Application (RIA) experiences

  • Begins with an introduction to BlazeDS, and explains the necessary features for integrating new and existing Java data sources and applications with Flex-based RIAs

  • Provides hands-on examples and addresses real-world concerns surrounding enterprise-based Java and Flex applications

  • Serves as a comprehensive walk through for creating RIAs using BlazeDS

If you're looking to create rich, productive, and engaging applications, then this book is for you.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Dedication
  3. About the Author
  4. Credits
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Foreword
  7. Introduction
  8. Flex for Java Developers
    1. Introducing Flex through Its Controls and Containers
    2. Tip to Remember
    3. Leveraging Services to Access External Data
    4. Making User Interfaces Engaging and Effective
    5. Extending Flex
    6. Summary
  9. Introducing BlazeDS
    1. An Overview of BlazeDS
    2. Getting and Installing BlazeDS
    3. Surveying the Configuration Options
    4. Yet Another Hello to the World
    5. Summary
  10. Using BlazeDS as a Server-Side Proxy
    1. HTTP Service Proxy
    2. Web Service Proxy
    3. Summary
  11. Remoting between Flex and POJOs
    1. Essentials of Remoting
    2. Configuring a Remoting Service and a Destination
    3. Diving into Serialization — AS3 to Java and Back
    4. Running through a Complete Example
    5. Value Additions for Simple Remoting
    6. Summary
  12. Accessing Spring Beans
    1. Basic Bootstrapping
    2. Remoting to Spring Beans
    3. Message Service Integration
    4. Leveraging Spring Security
    5. Using Custom Adapters
    6. Summary
  13. Communicating in Real-Time via Messages
    1. Data Push Essentials
    2. Messaging Domains
    3. JMS
    4. A BlazeDS-Powered Messaging Application
    5. The Chat Window
    6. The Adapters at Work
    7. Advanced Extensions to BlazeDS Data Push
    8. Summary
  14. Leveraging JPA and Hibernate with Flex
    1. Object Relational Mismatch
    2. Introducing JPA
    3. Bare Essentials of Hibernate
    4. A Rudimentary Approach to Integration with JPA and Hibernate
    5. Flex and Hibernate Integration Expectations
    6. BlazeDS Adapter for JPA and Hibernate
    7. JPA and Hibernate Adapters for BlazeDS
    8. Managed Entities for Flex Applications
    9. Summary
  15. Testing and Debugging Flex and BlazeDS Applications
    1. Testing
    2. Debugging
    3. Summary
  16. Extending BlazeDS with Custom Adapters
    1. Contextual Overview
    2. The API
    3. A Sample Custom Adapter
    4. Custom Factories
    5. Extending the Messaging Adapter
    6. Advanced Strategies for Custom Adapter Creation
    7. Summary
  17. Making BlazeDS Applications Scalable
    1. Clustering
    2. Data Compression
    3. Data Format Optimization
    4. Robust Connection
    5. Service Orientation
    6. Caching
    7. Resource Pooling
    8. Workload Distribution
    9. Summary
  18. CRUD Applications and More
    1. CRUD with Flash Builder 4
    2. Generating AS3 Model Objects
    3. Summary
  19. Introducing Flex 4
    1. What Is Flex 4?
    2. Leveraging the New Framework
    3. Summary
  20. Index

Product information

  • Title: Professional BlazeDS: Creating Rich Internet Applications with Flex® and Java®
  • Author(s): Shashank Tiwari
  • Release date: October 2009
  • Publisher(s): Wrox
  • ISBN: 9780470464892