7.7. JPA and Hibernate Adapters for BlazeDS

Unlike LCDS, BlazeDS does not come with a built-in adapter or assembler for JPA or Hibernate. However, a few open source projects provide such an adapter. Two relatively old adapters that have at least been around for a few months are:

In addition to these the dsadapters project (accessible online at http://code.google.com/p/dsadapters), which I have championed, is adding a JPA and Hibernate adapter to its suite of BlazeDS extensions. Currently, it's an early stage product, but a beta release should be available by the time you have this book in your hands.

A few other open source Flex and JPA or Hibernate integration options exist, but these products do not leverage BlazeDS and it's not easy to structure these as BlazeDS adapters or assemblers.

The most prominent member of this alternative set is GraniteDS. GraniteDS is a full-suite replacement for LCDS and is a very robust and enterprise-ready tool. It uses the concept of custom externalizers to hook managed persistent objects like JPA and Hibernate entities. You can read more about GraniteDS at www.graniteds.org. The document that explains externalizers is accessible at www.graniteds.org/confluence/display/DOC/2.+Externalizers.

Besides GraniteDS, alternative options exist in Pimento from Spice Factory. More details on Pimento are available at www.spicefactory.org/pimento.

In this section, I will cover ...

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