11.2. Project Overview

You are responsible for completing the following portions of the blogging application:

  • Main application MXML file

  • User registration

  • Login and logout

  • Addition of new posts

  • Loading of existing posts

  • Commenting system

  • Search capabilities

The data for the application is stored in a database with the following tables (you will learn more about the database and how you will access it in Chapter 13).

  • users: Stores user account information

  • posts: Stores the actual posts

  • comments: Stores comments associated with individual posts

  • categories: Stores the list of categories that posts can belong to

  • posts_view: A view that combines information from the other tables for ease of selection

You will access the data in this database via delegate classes. You do not need to know the particulars of the database other than what parameters you are expected to send and what information you will get back. In most cases you will be creating value objects that match the database column names so that these objects can be used to pass data to and from the database. (You will learn more about this process in Chapter 13.)

The requirements for the features you are responsible for are outlined in the sections that follow.

11.2.1. Main Application

The main application is not a feature per se, but since you'll need to be able to access things like the FrontController, and you need a place to test your classes, you're going to need to create a shell application to hold these components.

Additionally, ...

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