Chapter 1

Choosing the Right Architecture

What's In This Chapter?

  • Recognizing mobile development challenges
  • Evaluating mobile architectures
  • Developing for multiple platforms

Enterprise development is changing. If you are like most of the developers we talk to at our corporate clients, you've probably been asked to evaluate one or more mobile development platforms. You may even have been asked to write an application — probably on short notice — to support some business unit or executive who decided your organization needs a mobile application — and needs it now.

Mobile development is different from other areas of enterprise development. You need to have a clear understanding of the challenges that are unique to mobile development, particularly cross-platform mobile development. In this chapter you explore some of the architectural considerations any enterprise developer should think about when making the transition to building mobile applications. You explore (at a high-level) the technical aspects of mobile development, including device connectivity, storage and processor limitations, application deployment, and more. The goal of the discussion is to help guide you down a path to implement a cross-platform mobile architecture that works best for your organization. Each environment is different, and yours is no exception. Making architecture decisions is always a game of trade-offs. This chapter helps you on that journey into mobility and mobile software.

Understanding Mobile ...

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