Chapter 3

Setting Up Your Development Environment

What's In This Chapter?

  • Understanding the development environments used in this book
  • Installing the development tools
  • Installing the platform SDKs
  • Organizing multiplatform projects and code
  • Navigating the sample code

In this chapter you are exposed to all the tools used throughout the book to build and run the sample code. Some information on organizing your multiple platform code bases is also presented.

In preparation for installing your development tools, you need to know in advance what platforms you are interested in supporting. Glance at Table 3.1 to ensure you have the proper hardware and operating systems available to you.

Table 3.1 Operating Environment Required for Target Platforms

Development Target Mac OSX Windows
iOS/MonoTouch X
Android/Mono for Android X X
Windows Phone X

Getting Your Development Tools

All the samples in this book are provided in project files that require Microsoft Visual Studio for Windows or MonoDevelop for Mac OSX to build, deploy, and run. In some cases the code can be built in other ways, but these tools are the most commonly available to enterprise developers. You can explore alternative ways to build the samples as an exercise if you are interested in pursuing those avenues.

Because this book focuses on cross-platform development, little is said about the native platform tools except where they are needed.

Installing Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2010, ...

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