People take up mobile development these days for a lot of reasons. For some it is all about learning something new, but for many it comes out of necessity of a job or career. Perhaps you see mobile development as the next big thing, just like client-server development was in the 1990s, or web development became in the 2000s. Maybe you've been asked to learn more about mobile development techniques and technologies to make a recommendation to your boss for an approach to get your company started building mobile applications. Or you might be an independent software consultant who's feeling the demand for mobile software and is responding to the demand by learning the skills you need to stay ahead of the technology curve and deliver solutions to your customers.

Whatever your reason for picking up this book, thank you — and congratulations! Whether this is your first foray into mobile development or you've been writing mobile applications for years, you've just taken the first step on a journey that can be both technically challenging and tremendously rewarding. The technologies and techniques in this book can give you an edge over your competition. You then can speak authoritatively about mobile software best practices and proven enterprise mobility techniques wrought from years of experience. You can be confident recommending an approach for mobile development to your organization that can provide flexibility across mobile platforms and architectures. You can be the ...

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