Appendix C. Distributing Modules

Now that you have created a module, how can these creations be marketed to the greater DotNetNuke community? DotNetNuke has a robust ecosystem for the distribution of modules. Getting into the commercial DotNetNuke module development environment is something that can be aided by having modules reviewed, a process that ensures that the modules adhere to a certain level of functionality. A module can be distributed and supported via an existing communication channel without any external sites needed from the module developer.

This appendix examines various aspects of distributing DotNetNuke modules. The discussion starts with an overview of the DotNetNuke Module Review Program. The discussion continues with information on common distribution channels (including the DotNetNuke Marketplace and SnowCovered), as well as how to get your modules listed there. The discussion concludes with a look at licensing considerations, and provides helpful details on potential license key fields.

DotNetNuke Module Review Program

DotNetNuke Corporation has a Module Review Program whereby module developers can have their modules reviewed by the core team. At the end, if the review process is passed successfully, developers can display the Module Reviewed badge shown in Figure C-1 when marketing the module.

Figure C-1

Figure C.1. Figure C-1

Review Criteria

Passing the DotNetNuke Module Review ...

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