Appendix A. Resources

Numerous effective resources are available that bring value to the development or business aspects of using DotNetNuke. Table A-1 describes a number of great developer tools, many of which are used by the DotNetNuke community and Core Team members. Some of these developer tools are free and others have fees.

Table A-2 describes several useful custom third-party modules. As of the date of the publication of this book, several of these modules are free. Because DotNetNuke 5 is a relatively new release, there aren't many DotNetNuke 5.0-only modules on the market yet, but the Core Team went to great lengths to ensure that modules developed for the DotNetNuke 4.x versions still function on the new 5.0 version.

Projects are the newest addition to the DotNetNuke offerings, and all of the core modules have now been broken out into their own subprojects. This allows the module projects to release new versions of the modules as they are ready, without needing to wait for a core framework release. You can read the latest news on the various module projects and download the latest releases from the DotNetNuke web site.

Table A-1. Developer Tools



Beyond Compare by Scooter Software

Helpful for comparing files and folders to identify changes in code and to keep directories in sync.

Windows PowerShell

Microsoft Windows PowerShell command line shell and ...

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