Chapter 3. Object-Oriented Programming for Flash Lite Development


  • Object-oriented programming concepts

  • Creating extensible and reusable classes

  • Using fscommand2()

  • The System.capabilities object

  • Creating events and event listeners

  • Handling key, button, and touch input

This chapter is about preparing you for programming your Flash Lite mobile applications. Here, you'll get an overview and refresher of the ActionScript 2.0 (AS2) language, along with code snippets and more detail on the optimized version of the Flash Player for mobile devices Flash Lite 3.x.

You'll cover the fundamental aspects of AS2 required for developing Flash Lite mobile device applications. You will go through the key considerations and coding aspects that you need to bear in mind along the way.


The current version of the ActionScript programming language is AS3. With the majority of Flash-enabled devices utilizing Flash Lite, the focus on creating incredible mobile applications lies with the older brother AS2 to develop for devices, hence the need to visit key aspects of the language.

The AS2 programming language has been supported by the Adobe Flash Platform since 2003. It was compiled for byte code use in Flash Player 7, a significant feature in the release of Macromedia's Flash MX 2004 IDE. AS2 provided new ways for Flash developers to utilize complex code and create compelling web-based applications that the developers in the community had longed for. The evolution of the language ...

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