Chapter 9. Creating a Twitter Client


  • Exploring the core Twitter Developer APIs and methods

  • Using the SWX format for Twitter API calls

  • Using PureMVC to build a Twitter client

Popular Web sites such as Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook are used by millions of people daily and highlight the success of social networking on the Internet. In their own unique way, each of these sites offers a service that allows users to share a little bit of their own personality with the world. Whether it's sharing favorite video clips or simply sending text-based messages to friends and family, these sites offer an alternative method to communication on a huge scale.

In this chapter you'll take a look at developing your very own social networking application, a Twitter client, using aspects of the official Twitter API Wiki (, which details the URLs required to access Twitter, and also Aral Balkan's SWX PHP service (SWX,, a gateway to providing more simplistic data from the Twitter service.

Twitter is one of the success stories of Web 2.0 for both social networking and Internet communication. The online service allows users to post messages to other Twitter users known as followers, messages that consist of a specific number of characters, 140 characters to be exact. Twitter has a minimalist interface that consists of a single input text field for your latest update, a button for submitting your update, and a list of updates ...

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