Chapter 12. Using Sony Ericsson's Project Capuchin Platform Services API


  • Obtaining data via the accelerometer

  • Searching for devices with Bluetooth

  • Accessing a calendar and phone book

  • Retrieving a device's folder paths

  • Formatting currency based on locale

  • Utilizing API Test data in Device Central

In this chapter you will learn about how you can extend the features of your Flash Lite mobile applications, targeting Sony Ericsson devices using the Project Capuchin Service API (

You will be provided with snippets and code examples that you can use in the development of your applications, while exploring some of the APIs.

The Project Capuchin Platform Services API library, which is referenced in this chapter, can be found at the Sony Ericsson Developers website at There you'll also find demos of other mobile applications and tutorials and another cool community of developers.


"Project Capuchin is a bridging technology between Java ME and Flash Lite making it possible to take advantage of Flash's strengths in fast UI deployment and well established designer tools, meanwhile Java's strengths are in services, security and a well developed distribution infrastructure. Project Capuchin makes it possible to create Java applications where some or all UI components are defined in Flash Lite and where all services ...

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